Inheritance Matters

We offer a wide range of services related to inheritance matters. Estate inventory, estate distribution planning, drafting of wills, and handling disputes related to these matters often require the assistance of a professional. We also provide expert advice on inheritance issues.

Many assignments can be carried out remotely as well.

How to achieve the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective estate distribution?

1. Agree among the heirs on how to divide the estate.
2. Contact Annia and schedule an appointment.
3. Submit all necessary documents at once.
4. Prepare written information about the estate distribution and submit it in advance.
5. Create a written estate distribution agreement with Annia.
6. Sign the distribution agreement.
7. Submit the distribution agreement to authorities and the bank responsible for distributing assets.
8. The estate settlement process concludes.

How to Divide a Contested Estate?

  • Contact Annia, either for assistance or to act as an estate administrator and distributor
  • Apply for an estate administrator and distributor for the estate
  • When the appointment is made, the management of the estate transfers to the estate administrator, relieving the heirs from managing practical matters together
  • The estate administrator manages practical matters within the estate
  • Hold estate settlement meetings as needed
  • The estate administrator settles the estate for distribution
  • If no settlement is reached, the estate distributor divides the estate by providing a distribution solution
  • Distribution of assets to the heirs
  • Estate administration concludes

Funeral arrangements can be agreed upon. Typically, the responsibility for the deceased's funeral arrangements lies with the surviving spouse, a person who lived continuously with the deceased in marital-like conditions at the time of death, or the closest heirs of the deceased.

Disagreements can sometimes arise among those responsible for funeral arrangements regarding the method, location, or conduct of the burial. Primarily, the wishes and beliefs of the deceased person should be respected in the funeral proceedings. Reaching a compromise is always the preferred method of resolving disagreements among the individuals mentioned above. Ultimately, disputes concerning funeral arrangements can be resolved through a lawsuit in a district court, where the court can provide a resolution.

We are available to assist heirs of the deceased or other close individuals in matters related to funeral arrangement disputes if needed.

Continuing Power of Attorney

With a power of attorney for representation, you can appoint someone to handle your affairs in a situation where you are unable to do so yourself due to illness or diminished capacity.


What happens to your property when you die? It’s wise to prepare for the worst, even though it might be easier to just avoid thinking about the matter altogether.

Estate Inventory

Estate inventory may seem quite challenging, especially among many other matters to handle. Learn more and let us be there to assist you.

Inheritance Distribution

Our experienced lawyers assist and guide in drafting the division deed and provide guidance in cases where an estate administrator has been appointed to the estate.