Marriage and prenuptial agreement

When entering into marriage or when the marriage is going well, often the thought of a prenuptial agreement or discussing it is seen as bad luck. Many believe that our marriage cannot end or that we can handle things if necessary. However, the reality is often that the termination of a marriage carries a very strong emotional charge. In such situations, happiness and love give way, and in their place come disappointment, bitterness, and even hatred.

Prenuptial Agreement with Professional Expertise

By drafting a prenuptial agreement with the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer, you can ensure that the interests of both parties are taken into account. Contact us for assistance!

People take out insurance for their homes in case they are destroyed in a fire. Insurance isn’t taken out with the expectation that the house will inevitably burn down at some point. Similarly, why not think of a prenuptial agreement as a form of insurance for your property? When buying a house, you prepare for the worst with insurance. Likewise, when entering a marriage, you prepare for the worst outcome with a prenuptial agreement. In both cases, if the worst does happen, there’s a safety net in place. This way, the aftermath of an unfortunate event doesn’t add further distress to the situation.

Creating a prenuptial agreement is wise when things are amicable. At that point, both spouses often consider each other’s best interests. If there are shared children, it’s also in their best interest for parents to agree rather than fight in case of divorce. A prenuptial agreement can define the financial situation that both parties want as a resolution in case of separation. Careful consideration is crucial when crafting a prenup, as it also affects taxes – both in the event of divorce and death. A prenuptial agreement can be prepared with the assistance of a lawyer and registered with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. After that, both spouses can confidently navigate the waters of marriage, regardless of any potential storms.

Why is creating a prenuptial agreement beneficial?

10 reasons provided by an expert

  1. Both parties usually get to keep their individual property according to the ownership principle.
  2. You know in advance how the property will be divided.
  3. In case of a divorce, clarifying property relationships is easier and less costly.
  4. Neither party can foresee the future, and therefore, predict changes in assets and the situation at the time of a potential separation.
  5. Divorce situations typically have less conflict when a prenuptial agreement is in place.
  6. It’s sensible, especially if there are significant differences in wealth between spouses.
  7. Otherwise, each spouse typically gets half of the combined gross assets.
  8. During the marriage, the existence of a prenuptial agreement can be considered when accumulating property.
  9. Equal division often surprises and can lead to financial challenges for the party paying the tasinko (equalization payment).
  10. If you’re an entrepreneur, creating a prenuptial agreement is highly recommended to protect business assets.

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