Family Matters

Here to assist you with family matters throughout life’s journey. Tax matters, prenuptial agreements, separation situations, custody issues, and matters related to property distribution are all made easier with the help of a skilled attorney. Every case is unique, so the law firm tailors its services to meet the needs of the client.

Many tasks can also be handled remotely through online services.

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Continuing Power of Attorney

With a power of attorney for legal representation, you can designate who will manage your affairs in situations where you are unable to do so yourself due to illness or diminished capacity.

Marriage and Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is wise to establish when life is harmonious. At that point, both spouses often think about the mutual interest of both parties.

Cohabitation and Separation

Upon dissolution of cohabitation, it is possible to claim compensation for contributions made to the common household.

Divorce and Division of Marital Property

At the end of a marriage, many things change. A division agreement drafted with the assistance of a legal professional ensures that it meets the legal requirements.

Children in Divorce Situation

Custody, living arrangements, visitation, and child support raise questions in separation situations. Our goal is to ensure that the solution secures positive and close relationships for the child with both parents.

Paternity Matters

If paternity is not confirmed through acknowledgment, paternity can be demanded to be established through legal proceedings. We assist in all matters related to paternity.