Business Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys can represent your company in various dispute resolution processes, such as mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Annia’s lawyers also provide legal advice to businesses, helping them avoid disputes or prepare for them.

Many assignments can also be carried out through remote services.

Asianajotoimisto Annia auttaa kiinteistöriidoissa myös kohdatessasi homeongelman.

Legal Proceedings

We have years of experience handling various cases in different legal instances. Over the years, we have provided comprehensive assistance to our clients in a wide range of matters, including family and inheritance law, as well as real estate and property disputes. If despite our best efforts, a resolution cannot be reached, we have strong courtroom experience and the ability to represent our clients’ interests in court. We are always on your side, and our expertise doesn’t run out even in the courtroom.

Contracts, Disputes, Mediation, and Economic Crimes

Our experienced lawyers can assist you with various challenges that arise in business operations. Feel free to reach out and let an expert guide you.

Arbitration Process

Arbitration process is one alternative for resolving disputes. Since the process is not public, it is often advantageous for businesses, as trade secrets or the existence of the dispute itself do not become known to outsiders.