Real Estate and Construction

In construction contracts, the basic content of agreements generally follows the YSE 1998 conditions. When drafting contracts and especially in case of disputes, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.

Many assignments can also be carried out as remote services.

Construction contract disputes

In Finland, there is no specific law governing the implementation of construction projects that defines the principles of contract agreements or the procedures in cases of disputes between contracting parties.

In the absence of specific legislation, construction contracts are subject to general contract law regulations and the prevailing legal practices based on general principles of contract law. Additionally, both the client and contractor sectors within the construction industry have established general contract terms and conditions that enjoy mutual trust. This allows parties involved in construction contracts to focus on the project itself, without getting bogged down in legal details when submitting tenders or bids. The basic content of the contract is usually formed in accordance with these standardized terms. Consequently, most of the claims and demands between contracting parties are determined by the provisions outlined in the standardized YSE 1998 terms that are incorporated into the contract.