Risk-free contact - free initial consultation

If, based on the initial general overview in the first call lasting a maximum of 15 minutes, it is determined that no engagement will be established, the initial contact will be free of charge for you.

Hourly Rate

The determination of fees

The basic hourly rate for individuals is 220.00 euros plus value-added tax (24%), totaling 272.80 euros. The minimum charge is always 1 hour.

For businesses, the hourly rate varies based on the complexity of the case and ranges from 220.00 to 300.00 euros (VAT 0%).

We have transferred the post-due date follow-up of our receivables and related actions to Visma Financial Solutions Oy’s billing service. For service or subscription-related matters, please contact directly: Asianajotoimisto Annia Oy, phone: 040 672 2255, email: For payment-related matters, please contact Visma Financial Solutions Oy’s customer service at +358 2 4808 8000 or via email at

The fee is determined for each assignment based on the amount of work required. Upon the client’s request, we provide a written cost estimate, and the client can also receive an update on the incurred costs if desired. We invoice the actions taken on a monthly basis, and you can also discuss installment payments with us.

For individual phone consultations or other minor actions, a minimum of 15 minutes is usually charged. Additionally, charges are based on the costs incurred in handling the assignment according to the actual expenses. The fee includes the general overhead costs of the office. However, the initial acceptance and establishment of an assignment are charged at 0.5 to 1 hour, depending on the matter.

Our packaged services are time-limited and only include basic actions, such as the normal communication related to the matter. Exceeding actions are invoiced at the regular hourly rate.

Fees imposed by authorities and other costs are invoiced separately. In the case of possible trips, we invoice travel time according to the hourly rate, along with tax-free travel costs as determined by the tax administration, such as mileage reimbursements. We also charge higher than normal copying and postage costs.

Agreed appointments should be canceled by 12 pm on the previous day. Otherwise, we will invoice the canceled appointment according to the fee schedule. We usually reserve 1 hour for appointments.

Below are examples of the minimum time and corresponding fee for the simplest types of cases. We also handle assignments with a legal aid decision, read more here.

Prices starting from:

CONSULTATIONPrices starting from (incl. VAT 0%)Prices starting from (incl. VAT 24 %)
Phone consultations starting from 0.25 hours55 €68,20 €
In-office consultation for 1 hour220 €272,80 €
Consultation outside the office for 1.5 hours330 €409,20 €
Videoconsultation 1 h 220 €272,80 €
Investigation work for 1 hour220 €272,80 €
Prenuptial agreement500 €620 €
Power of Attorney400 €496 €
Real Estate Purchase Agreement800 €992 €
Gift Deed, Tax Declaration500 €620 €
Divorce application400 €496 €
Application Matters, Court Proceedings starting from 3 hours660 €818,40 €
Estate Inventory and Probate Proceedings800 € 992 €
Will600 €744 €
Assistance in preliminary investigation, starting from 1.5 hours330 €409,20€
Court appearance, plaintiff/defendant, 3 hours660 €818,40 €
Drafting a summons application starting from 2 hours440 € 545,60 €
Written statement to the court, 1.5 hours330 €409,20 €
Court appearance, starting from 3 hours660 €818,40 €
The price is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the complexity of the matter.
Car mileage 0,75 €/km 0,93 €/km
Photocopies (larger than usual quantities)0,50 €/page0,62 €/page
Postage costs (larger than usual quantities)2,02 €/letter2,50 €/letter
Certificate of title registration, encumbrance certificate, land register extract10,00 €/piece12,40 €/piece
You can find up-to-date information about the court fees charged by the state on the Judiciary's website by clicking here.