Risk-free contact - free initial consultation

If, based on the initial general overview in the first call lasting a maximum of 15 minutes, it is determined that no engagement will be established, the initial contact will be free of charge for you.

Asianajotoimisto Annia hinnasto

Hourly Rate

The basic hourly rate for individuals is 240.00 euros plus value-added tax (24%), totaling 297.60 euros. The minimum charge is 1 hour. For companies, the hourly rate varies based on the complexity of the case and is 240.00 – 300.00 euros (VAT 0%). If the assignment in question is particularly demanding, or if the assignment is handled in a foreign language, we use an hourly charge that is higher than the base price. In such a case, we will agree on the matter separately with the customer.

Prices starting from:

DOCUMENTSPrices from (VAT 0%)Prices from (VAT 24 %)
Prenuptial agreement 300 €372 €
Continuing power of attorney 300 €372 €
Contract of sale, real estate 800 €992 €
Deed of gift400 €496 €
Will600 €744 €
Estate inventory1000 € 1240 €
Inheritance agreement1600 €1984 €
Partition or separation agreement1200 €1488 €
Mediation of the dispute at the office and settlement agreement1500 €1860 €
Kilometer allowance 0,75 €/km 0,93 €/km
Copies (larger than normal quantities) 0,50 €/page0,62 €/page
Postage costs (larger than normal quantities) 2,02 €/letter2,50 €/letter
You can find up-to-date price information on court fees charged by the state at the Department of Justice pages by clicking here.

The determination of fees

The fee is determined for each assignment according to the amount of work it requires. At the customer’s request, we make a written price estimate, and in addition, the customer can get a situational overview of the accumulation of costs if requested. We usually invoice the procedures performed every month, and you can also agree on a part payment with us.

Individual phone consultations or other small procedures are charged for 15 minutes. In addition, the costs incurred for handling the assignment will be charged in accordance with the realized costs. Charge for receiving and setting up the assignment is 0.5 – 1 hour , depending on the assignment.

We invoice fees and other costs charged by the authorities separately. Regarding possible travel cost, we invoice the travel time according to the hourly charge, as well as the tax-free travel costs according to the decision of the tax administration, such as kilometer allowances. We also charge higher than normal copying and mailing costs.

Appointments must be canceled by 12 pm. a day before the appointment. Otherwise, we will charge according to the price list for the canceled meeting. We usually reserve 1 hour for the meetings.

We check your possibility of receiving compensation from your legal protection insurance. We also handle assignments with a legal aid decision, read more

We have transferred the post-due date follow-up of our receivables and related actions to Visma Financial Solutions Oy’s billing service. For service or subscription-related matters, please contact directly: Asianajotoimisto Annia Oy, phone: 040 672 2255, email: For payment-related matters, please contact Visma Financial Solutions Oy’s customer service at +358 2 4808 8000 or via email at