Our staff

Maria Puputti

Asianajaja, OTM, kaupanvahvistaja
040 640 3737

Areas of Expertise:
Inheritance Matters, assistance and tasks related to estate distribution | Divorce settlements, separation, assistance and tasks related to estate distribution | Construction, housing and real estate disputes | Dispute resolution and mediation | Business Law | Other family and child-related matters, as well as dispute resolution

Maria is a natural problem solver who is motivated by helping those in difficult situations. She is thorough, but with her approachable demeanor, she creates a relaxed atmosphere and a positive vibe around her. The owner of Annia resets by spending time with her family and engaging in enjoyable activities with her children, both at home and in the garden. And who would believe that the determined lawyer who just left the courtroom can still be seen at the stables later that day – her love for her own horse hasn't faded over the years.

Samuli Vähä-Tuisku

Areas of Expertise:

Tax Law | Corporate Law | Bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings | Dispute matters | Inheritance Law | Family Law | Appeals to Administrative and Land Courts

Samuli finds the best solution for the client and can achieve the client's interest even in challenging situations. He has an excellent "can-do" attitude, and the client can be confident that Samuli will give his all to handle the matter. Previously, he has worked in the public sector for several years.

Niina Nurmi

044 368 1812

Niina has already built a career in the retail industry, and the insights gained from that experience prove beneficial in various ways in her work. Alongside her job, Niina is completing her studies in law and has a genuine desire to help people in challenging life situations. Niina aims to make reaching out to a lawyer more accessible and hopes to challenge some ingrained perceptions about the field. During her free time, Niina recharges her energy through CrossFit workouts and spends time with loved ones.

Annemaria Kutila

050 529 6818

Annemaria is efficient, systematic, and capable of working at a fast pace. She is a true all-rounder in the office. Annemaria also handles small maintenance tasks around the office. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities with her dog Hertta and spends time with her friends.

Jenni Asunmaa

044 371 9459

Customer service and interacting with people is something Jenni enjoys. Prior to joining Annia, Jenni has worked in the retail sector and at the district court for several years. She is attentive, helpful, and strives to find solutions to problems as quickly as possible. In her free time, Jenni lifts weights at the gym to balance out her office work.

Mila Nevanperä

Mila is a law student and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in law. With an efficient and positive attitude, Mila tackles tasks eagerly and enjoys learning new things. During her free time, Mila likes to relax by being active in nature and spending time with loved ones.

Vilma Mahlio

Vilma is a law student and she is currently pursuing a Master's degree in law. She enjoys challenges and strives for self-improvement every day.
She takes pleasure in interacting with clients. In her free time, Vilma enjoys playing soccer and spending time with friends.

Jenna Taskinen

Oikeudellinen assistentti
040 185 2664

Jenna is a law student who, with her sunny disposition, is approachable and considerate towards others. In her work, Jenna values being efficient while maintaining attention to detail. She genuinely rejoices in the successes of her clients and finds happiness in helping others. During her free time, Jenna enjoys spending time in nature, exploring national parks, preferably with her loved ones.

Topi Santala

Oikeudellinen assistentti
040 672 2255

Topi is a law student and has always enjoyed problem-solving, making his choice of profession a natural fit. He adeptly grasps complex matters and is always eager to learn something new. Alongside his studies and work, he is an active gym-goer, maintaining a balanced approach to his endeavors.

Jouni Puputti

Talous- ja henkilöstöjohtaja
044 087 5321

Samuli Flink

040 xxx xxx

Samuli Flink

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