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Attorney Maria Puputti handled my case with great expertise and clarity, keeping me informed throughout the entire process. Her empathetic approach and willingness to help are evident in her work, which is why I wholeheartedly recommend her legal services.
Male, Valkeakoski June 15, 2023

Maria managed our estate matter, which had been contentious. You mediated the situation efficiently, for which we are deeply grateful. We achieved the desired outcome.
Male, Riihimäki June 15, 2023

I visited Riihimäki, and Maria Puputti handled the amicable division of inheritance in our estate. The settlement agreement was reached quickly, and the matter was otherwise easy to handle. A big thank you for resolving the burden and removing it.
Female, Riihimäki May 28, 2023

I contacted Maria Puputti by phone and received clear answers to my questions. Excellent service all around!
Customer Feedback May 19, 2023

Professional and highly competent service. I am extremely satisfied. You knew exactly what to do. Many thanks. I can highly recommend this law firm!
Female, Hämeenlinna May 18, 2023

Heartfelt thanks, Maria, for your expertise and assistance! Finally, I've found a lawyer I trust and can rely on in the future! All the best! 🙂
Customer Feedback March 24, 2023

Finally, a resolution to the matter, just as we demanded. I feel that justice was served. A big thank you for your assistance and professional approach; I couldn't have done it without you!
Female, Tampere March 1, 2023

You were like a true friend, supporting me through the tough mediation; I didn't have to go through it alone. I mean, you were also very professional at the same time.
Corporate Client, Hämeenlinna February 17, 2023

Finally, this ordeal is over. I wouldn't have been able to resolve the issue without you; I really appreciate your help, thank you!
Male, Helsinki February 16, 2023

I truly appreciate your support and assistance. You were indeed professional, and I recommend you to everyone!
Male, Hämeenlinna February 15, 2023

A thousand thanks, Maria, for your work; you helped me choose the right path, I wouldn't have made it through without your help ❣️ It's such a relief that this is finally over.
Female, Nokia February 5, 2023

You were a good lawyer, a wonderful person, worthy of respect and appreciation. Thank you for everything. You helped me with everything. I respect you so much.
40-year-old male, Forssa
November 5, 2022

You have a good and conciliatory way of handling matters. You quietly stood up for my rights really well.
Male, Hämeenlinna
October 10, 2022

The estate was really contentious, and we weren't on speaking terms. I am satisfied with Maria's actions, as her professional approach helped us reach a settlement.
65-year-old female, Forssa
October 1, 2022

There was discord among us sisters regarding the estate. Annia focused on the matter, and we managed to settle it. A big thank you to Maria!
Customer Feedback
September 8, 2022

Thank you, Maria, for handling the matter very competently; your professionalism is top-notch. You said the right things at the right time, and we reached a settlement; I still wonder at it. I can recommend you.
Customer Feedback
April 5, 2022

I received advice and support from Annia in a difficult matter during a challenging period. The handling of the matter was very professional. I got the desired outcome. I can recommend.
Female, Pirkanmaa
April 5, 2022

Maria handled the matter just as well as I had hoped; you're a tough legal lady! You weren't recommended for nothing.
Customer Feedback
April 1, 2022

I also want to thank you for your assistance in my matter. I would have been a nervous wreck without you. I will use your services in the future if such a situation arises.
Customer Feedback
January 15, 2022

"I feel heard and have received help and support in a difficult situation. Maria is such a warm and heartfelt person, but also determined when needed. I warmly recommend her!"
Woman, 29.11.2021 Eastern Finland

"Maria is really nice and attentive. Things were handled promptly and accurately. Thank you!"
Asias, 15.10.2021 Riihimäki

"Reliable, thorough, and prompt service. Thank you for that."
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

"Professional and quick service."
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

"Good operation & Friendly service & Listening to the customer."
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

"I can continue doing business with Annia in other matters. Human-centric legal service."
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

"Professional law firm. They guide and instruct while listening to the client, and realistically inform about possibilities and how to proceed. Throughout the client relationship, I always received information and support when needed. The outcome was even better than expected, so warm recommendation to Annia!"
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

I got help from Annia and a solution to my problem. I felt acknowledged, the action was trustworthy, and I could focus on other matters while Annia took care of solving my problem. I gained peace of mind, professional legal assistance, and valuable discussion of different options and their consequences. My issue was resolved in the best possible way for me. I warmly recommend Annia for life's tough and even less tough situations."
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

"I received human-centered legal assistance in a crisis situation in life, I warmly recommend!"
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

"I was searching online for a lawyer because a general law firm didn't have time to take my case. Then I found Annia's website, which was professional and warm-hearted; it was easy to contact them, and my case was handled well with no complaints. And it didn't matter that the general firm didn't have time; I received better service at Annia."
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

"Professional law firm. They guide and instruct while listening to the client, and realistically inform about possibilities and how to proceed. Throughout the client relationship, I always received information and support when needed. The outcome was even better than expected, so warm recommendation to Annia!"
Anonymous customer feedback, September 2021

"Maria helped well, and everything went as it should. We received help and support in a criminal case, thank you!"
Respondent's father, 9.9.2021

"In a criminal case, I received help; this was the first time. The case was handled professionally, and everything went well. I received good support, even though I was very nervous!"
Customer feedback 9.9.2021

"Division of property dispute. There is a cheerful staff in the office. I received help, and it felt like I was in capable hands, as I didn't know anything about these matters myself. The matter was settled, thank you!"
Woman, 15.8.2021 Riihimäki

"In July, there was an emergency when my mother passed away. Despite it being vacation time, communication went smoothly, and I received information about the process. Now the estate inventory is coming up, and I could focus on my grief while Annia took care of the legal side."
Son from Forssa, 3.8.2021

"I became a victim of a crime, and this was the first time ever. Thank you for the understanding and support; going to the district court was tough. I got through it, though, and you were there to support me."
Woman, Vantaa. 25.3.2021

"Divorce was foreseeable, but still a surprise. You approached the matter conciliatorily, even though there was a lot of conflict. I liked that you started building peace in the matter, and I still got almost what I wanted, which I see as a good result in this, and we reached an agreement. Thank you!"
Woman, Helsinki. 2.3.2021

"You are wonderful, thank you very much for your help!!"
Customer feedback 23.2.2021

"In the fall, there was a divorce after 11 years of marriage, we have two children together. It's really hard to argue, but with a conciliatory approach, we have been able to make progress. Now the division of property is done, and it was challenging because of different views. Fortunately, we reached an agreement because the children have already reacted to the situation. Thank you for handling the matter in the way I wanted."
Customer feedback 15.2.2021

"My mother died suddenly at the end of the year, and these matters are new to me; I received guidance and help with the estate inventory from Annia. Thank you, this was already really tough. Next, there is inheritance distribution, which I hope will be peaceful among my sisters. Now I know how the matter progresses; this is a great relief for me. Thank you!!"
Customer feedback 10.1.2021

"Extremely professional conduct. Excellent customer service and efficient organization. I felt confident throughout the whole process. I warmly recommend, especially if dealing with a difficult case. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"
Customer feedback 18.11.2020

"I was a victim of a crime, and Maria assisted me from the preliminary investigation onwards. I received advice on what evidence was needed and support during the situation, as the handling of the case felt like an eternity. The session was difficult for me, but we got through it, thanks to you."
Customer feedback 2.11.2020

"We sold a property as part of an estate, and a couple of years later, the buyer demanded rescission of the sale. It was a difficult situation for me, being retired and no longer having the funds. Fortunately, Maria helped, and after a tough negotiation, we reached a settlement, and the outcome was such that I was able to pay my share in this unpleasant situation. Big thanks!"
Customer feedback 14.10.2020

"Thank you to Annia's team, you are tough ladies. I had a difficult divorce and division of property. My ex-husband made several unfounded claims to the estate administrator. Fortunately, with a good response, we managed to block them, so the matter didn't unnecessarily drag on. It was a difficult situation and place, but I always received advice when I asked for it, which helped me."
Customer feedback 9.9.2020

"For the first time, I needed a lawyer and I don't speak Finnish fluently, so I used an interpreter. At first, I was scared, but I received excellent service, and I am really happy; in the future, I will use your services if I need help. I would give 7 stars if it was possible, I give 5 instead. Thank you very much."
Customer feedback 27.8.2020

"My interests were well defended; I couldn't have asked for a better defense. I felt safe in a difficult situation."
Customer feedback 20.5.2020
"Thank you, it was very well defended; I was the defendant in a criminal case. The service was friendly and professional. Communication and information provision worked well, I received the assistance I needed."
Customer feedback 4.5.2020

"Thank you for your warmth and the way you handle things so that even an ordinary person understands and feels heard. It has been safe to walk this painfully difficult path in your hands. You work with great understanding and professionalism. Even outside office hours, it was possible to contact you and get support, as well as answers to pressing questions. You didn't promise too much, but we got more than we expected. Thank you to all the women at Annia, keep up the good work! Strength and endurance for your busy days, you do incredibly valuable work!"
Customer feedback 1.5.2020

" I received competent and flexible assistance in handling my affairs. The intricacies of the law became clear to me when they were explained in plain language. Issues were carefully weighed from multiple perspectives. The thoroughness of understanding the matters was commendable, and I felt relief when I could leave the unpleasant legal dispute in the hands of competent attorneys. The cooperation went smoothly and effortlessly."
Customer feedback 2019

"I felt that my case was important."
Customer feedback 2019

"It was easier to go to court when I didn't have to go alone and when the matter had been discussed beforehand. I had never been before, and I was scared."
Customer feedback 2019

"There was a sense that my best interests were truly considered and not just about making money. Issues were always approached from my perspective, and solutions were sought together."
Customer feedback 2019

"Maria is approachable and nice, even kind. However, in the session, she was really tough and defended my interests well."
Customer feedback 2019

"Communication worked really well; I received help and advice whenever needed throughout the duration of the case."
Customer feedback 2019

"I was scared to come to the law firm, but I received really good service. I was always greeted with a smile and things were explained understandably."
Customer feedback 2019

"Good service. When I called your office in distress, your secretary reassured me that we would handle this. Everything went really well. Thank you for the excellent service, regardless of the outcome."
Customer feedback 2019

"You were the most approachable law firm (from the offices in Forssa)."
Customer feedback 2019

"Can I now use the phrase: 'Get in touch with my attorney'?"
Customer feedback 2019

"For the first time, someone listens to me and believes me in this matter."
Customer feedback 2019
"Great job, everything finally decided. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation."
Customer feedback 2019

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