Annia's Story – Information about the Company​

Annia was born in the landscapes of childhood

It’s natural for humans to feel impatient. Especially when things are going poorly, everyone wants quick information and progress in that situation. It’s important to find the right person who takes things seriously, listens, and shows compassion, while also providing rational help and suggesting solution options.

Maria Puputti, the founder of Annia, is a rational thinker. This is how she describes herself as well. In addition to being considered fair, considerate of others, and a good listener, she manages a farm together with her husband. Perhaps from these everyday tasks and actions, Maria’s approachability and down-to-earth nature stem.

She spent her childhood and youth in Espoo and Helsinki, where she also completed her studies to become a Master of Laws. Maria’s parents come from Häme, and she spent her childhood summers at her grandparents’ and the family’s cottage in Iittala. Thus, even the birthplace of Annia became Hämeenlinna.

Asianajotoimisto Annian tarina

Annia Guarantee

We offer a free initial consultation so you will know if you need our help. If, based on the general investigation of the first call (maximum 15 minutes), it is concluded that no assignment is created, the first contact is free of charge for you.

In our hands, your matters are always in professional hands. We possess strong and comprehensive expertise as well as competence in the field of law. We continuously educate ourselves further, as we aim to stay at the forefront.

We have an extensive network of cooperation and the necessary contacts to experts that might be required for your case.

The customer feedback alone speaks volumes – we have hundreds of satisfied clients.

We are quick in our thinking and efficiently identify the core issues of your case. We avoid unnecessary work, saving you money in the process!

You can be certain that we leave no stone unturned in handling your matter.

We have the capacity to handle both smaller and larger assignments.

We handle your case together with you and always provide our honest opinion, considering your best interests.

We take action on the assignment immediately, not two weeks later. We advance your case whenever we can.

We actively stay in touch with you, keeping you informed about the progress of your case. You can easily and quickly reach us. If we're unable to answer, we will call you back.

We take responsibility for our work. We have a 1,000,000 euro liability insurance from Pohjola Insurance Ltd.